Our Exhibit floor is closed to regular guests while we hold our in-person school support program.

Now more than ever, we need your support! Donate and help us serve more people, and stay in business, so we can return to normal operations when school is back in session.

Click here to find out more about our school support program, including how to apply for enrollment.

A Place for Learning and Exploration

Guests at Vacaville’s Imagine That! play, learn, and explore in a freeform space. Children ages 0-100 can follow their curiosity throughout our exhibit spaces, learning about physics, biology, electricity, art, astronomy, and more. Use our building spaces or our art room to design and engineer your own creations.

Classes and Programs

Imagine That! holds a dynamic array of STEAM-based classes, regular clubs, summer camps, and public events. Our programs include topics like engineering, crafting, astronomy, biology and zoology, and environmental sciences.

Get Involved

We rely on public support to serve our community. From sponsorship to guest speaker events to volunteer programs, there are opportunities for anyone and everyone.



Imagine That! is a Non-Profit organization. We rely on charitable donations to continue operating and serving our local communities.