Our Exhibit floor is closed to regular guests while we hold our in-person school support program!

Now more than ever, we need your support! Donate to our fundraiser and help us serve more people and stay in business so we can return to normal operations when school is back in session!

Keep scrolling to find out more about our school support program, including how to apply for enrollment.


Imagine That’s

School Support and Enrichment Program

Our unique School Support and Enrichment programs fuses our existing STEAM-based classes and exercises with support for your student’s existing schooling. Between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM, our dedicated educators help with assignments, classwork, and technical challenges while your student completes their zoom classes. Our exhibit floor is spacious enough to allow for proper distancing, and every desk, doorknob, and major surface is sanitized rigorously.

In their free time, your students will participate in hands-on learning on topics ranging from biology, chemistry, engineering, arts, and more. In addition, exhibits that are conducive to social distancing and sanitation are available for short breaks.

The museum is closed for normal operation during this time, but we cannot wait to open our doors back up to our regular visitors as soon as conditions allow!

We currently have 4 open slots for grades 3rd and up, and 0 open slots for 1st and 2nd! Please call, Facebook message, or email us to reserve your slot. 


Meet Our Team

Alexandra Christensen

Director of Operations

Alex is the new Director of Operations, and has spearheaded the School Support and Enrichment Program with the help of the Board of Directors, her staff, and the community. Alex’s specialties are biology, food science, writing, and art.

Kheleb Hocog

Museum Educator

Kheleb began his work with Imagine That! as a high school volunteer. He fell in love with the museum, and was inspired to change career paths to become a teacher. Kheleb specializes in engineering, programming, physics, and math. He runs the Maker’s Club and the yearly Robotics Camps.

Mollie Napier

Museum Educator

Mollie is the newest addition to the Imagine That! team, but no stranger to museums or hands-on education. Mollie leads the K-2nd students through activities that excite and engage, introducing them to introductory scientific concepts. Mollie’s specialties are chemistry, physics, arts, and history.

Gavin Bates

Museum Technician

Gavin also begin his involvement with Imagine That! as a volunteer. Today, he carefully balances his own distance learning schedule with afternoons at the museum, where he helps maintain exhibits, tutor students, and engage them in classes or play. Gavin’s adept at getting students involved and excited in their activities.


Imagine That! is a Non-Profit organization. We rely on charitable donations to continue operating and serving our local communities.